30 Miles from Nowhere

  • sound maketh movie

    • Posted on 5th Feb
    • Category: post production

    Sound can make or break a movie--from the score, to the sound cues, to the dialogue. 

    That's why it made our day when our composer sent us the following email, "I had been meaning to tell you all how thrilled I am with this film, the work you've all put into it, and the canvas you're providing for our score. I 'specially thought of this once I did yesterday's revision for M05v2. As I was coming up with a new chord progression for the post-Max-family car ride talk, I kept thinking how grateful I felt that you guys weren't settling for the "familiar" string progression I had come up with, and were encouraging me to think a bit more outside of the box. Perfect example of why this collaborative part of the process is one of my favorite things about making movies. :)" 

    In other news, Carrie Preston will be recording her ADR in New Orleans this afternoon where she is busy filming Claws. Our director, Caitlin Koller, continues her film festival circuit in Berlin at the Final Girls Film Fest promoting her short film Blood Sisters. The rest of February will be filled with ADR sessions in LA and Chicago along with our sound designer continuing to try to make his wife drop her coffee with our jump scares.  He's 1 for 1.

    Hope you are all having a happy 2018 so far!

    Kelly and Seana

  • seventeen days later

    • Posted on 27th Sep
    • Category: production

    It’s a wrap!

    After an intense seventeen days and a lot of blood, rats and cockroaches (literally, we had a stellar cockroach wrangler) our team of just under fifty people has finished shooting.

    We've already started editing!

    But first, the wrap party and a well-deserved complete night's rest.

    Kelly and Seana

  • nearing the end of filming

    • Posted on 22nd Sep
    • Category: production

    Production pics are rolling in. The team is very excited about the production and atmosphere on set. Also, we wanted to share this write up in the Trib!

    The last day of shooting is next Tuesday! The crew have been having a blast living together at our gracious friend's lake house and they're putting in crazy hours! We've been having a lot of overnight shoots- 6pm to 6am.

    Despite the amount of sunscreen we went through the first week of production, now we're well into considering taking out some stock in Off! and citronella candles.

    Kelly and Seana

  • watch out

    • Posted on 11th Sep
    • Category: production


    The cameras are rolling on 30 Miles from Nowhere! 

     And what could be a more appropriate place to start our journey than the legendary bar, Friar Tuck, in Lakeview. 

     Tomorrow we’re moving the shoot to Fox Lake for the remainder of production.