30 Miles from Nowhere

Our Team

Caitlin Koller

Our director Caitlin Koller is an award-winning Australian filmmaker. She completed an Honours degree in Film and Television at Swinburne University in 2012 and her graduate film MAID OF HORROR has since played around the world. Her new short film, BLOOD SISTERS, premiered at Stranger With My Face International Film Festival in 2017 and won a gold award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards.

John Quinn

A native of Chicago, now based in Los Angeles, John Quinn is an editor of feature films, documentaries, and television. He has edited more than 30 films for the big studios and independents, winning over a dozen awards at national film festivals. Award winners include Aisha Tyler’s directorial feature debut AXIS (Hot Machine), the teen drama HOLDEN ON (independent), a supernatural thriller 21 DAYS (Gravitas Ventures), and a documentary about revival cinema movie theaters and 35mm projection OUT OF PRINT (Level 33 Entertainment). John's television credits include season 3 of CHOSEN (Crackle's 2nd highest rated series), a pilot for Comedy Central and executive producer Tim Robbins and Blumhouse’s 12 DEADLY DAYS.

Seana Kofoed

As a writer/producer, Seana's recent projects include BORDERLINE TALENT, DONNA'S REVENGE, and the upcoming dark digital comedy about two cast-aside therapy puppets, POUNCE & WIGGLY. She is also a television/film/theatre actor.

Kelly Demaret

As a producer, Kelly Demaret began in Chicago theatre, working at Fox Theatricals. She did a stint in LA at Paramount Pictures as a creative exec assistant, then a stint in NYC producing a new works series, and is currently stinting long-term in Chicago, raising a family, and working at 59 Films.

Ben McBurnett

Ben McBurnett is an award winning cinematographer who hails from Fort Worth, TX. He began exploring filmmaking in Texas and followed his passion to Chicago to focus on Cinematography at Columbia College. He has worked on over 30 projects in various positions in the camera and g&e departments, many of which have gone on to screen at festivals such as Sundance, SXSW and the LA Film Festival. As a cinematographer, Ben has shot many shorts and several features including THE HOLLOW and THE ORIGINS OF WIT AND HUMOR.